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Tattoo Style Shop

Tattoo Style Shop

Tattoos have become a vital component of modern fashion. Everyone, especially youngsters are ready to bear the pain and yet get their bodies tattooed with certain designs, which they think, can uplift their style statement. May be they are right. We are witnessing the increased number of tattoo shops in the cities and that goes on to hint the increasing craze for tattoos. This particular online game can be played in Story Mode or Creative Mode. Click on a customer to get started. Most of the customers who come to your shop are not very sure of what kind of tattoos they would want on themselves. They seek your professional advice and hopefully, you will not disappoint them. You should listen to the requirement of the customers; take part in a small quiz to choose the best options to generate the tattoo that will best fit the requirement of the customer. You will then need to use your skills to give the final touch to the designs and after the final approval from the customer; your job is to get the tattoo on the customer according to their liking. Use the mouse to play this very interesting online game filled with colors and artistic tasks to carry out.

20 Responses to Tattoo Style Shop

  1. tasmiya says:

    this games is so nice

    • ajay says:

      yes thANK YOU

    • ajay varade says:

      yes ,this is so name

  2. laibaasi says:

    vert bat bame

    • ajay says:

      no good game

  3. Daeshania says:

    this looks like a fun game i guess i have to play to find out….

  4. erin says:

    i like this game but my brother was on a long time

  5. sarah says:

    wow i love this game so mush thank for this game

  6. tay says:

    this game dosen’t let u finish any thing in other words this games suck crap

  7. kacie says:

    cool i guess

    • ajay says:

      cool games i love tattoo games but i failed in tattoo artist 1&2
      this is my comment

  8. keira says:

    i think this game is poo

  9. kazka nadira says:

    it’s so fun

  10. Olivia jones says:

    I’v play this game before

  11. aisha says:

    I love this game

  12. anjanique simpson says:

    it sell off an it bad mi nah tell no lie

  13. crystal says:

    its 12:36AM and im bored so hi

  14. lillyana says:

    it is so fun and i love it

    by lillyana samardzija xxxxx

  15. abrisa says:

    i want a tattoo

  16. amy says:

    i love this game it’s so damn cool , really fun game!!!

  17. luis says:

    he best game in the many game he best game n hte world

  18. tillie says:

    hi im seventeen where is the game is it under neath us?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. moana says:

    hi mat

  20. ola says:

    i like this game and i like to play tattoo games llllllllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeee