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Tattoo Makeover

Tattoo Makeover

You have been wondering how the celebrities look so beautiful. Wonder no more. Here is a game in which you can practice your makeover skills on a model who readily offers herself for you to try out various styles on her. This fun based makeover game will allow you to choose the best hairstyle from the given options, best hair color to match the model and matching highlighters. You can then choose from the most stylish clothes made available. There are different eyeshades that you can choose from. So many accessories to further enhance the looks of the model and last but not the least, you will require to choose from the many different types of tattoos. The model is more than excited about tattoos and hence you might even want to pick two tattoos for her – one on the face and the other on the arm. You might want to keep trying again and again to get the perfect look. Hence, the game allows replaying for as many numbers of times as you want. Have fun playing this fashion based online game using the mouse of the computer. It is simple and very addictive. All that you need to play the game is creativity.

10 Responses to Tattoo Makeover

  1. laibaasi says:

    bat gakma

  2. Laiba Asif says:

    this game is very nice

    • jolee says:

      i am not a fan

  3. arousa says:

    i like it

  4. jolene says:

    hit here selena gomez can you say hi to justin bieber for please

  5. francys says:

    i love this game

    • dfff says:

      stop ********************************* ok lady

  6. dfff says:

    stop every body make me sick

  7. andrea says:

    i love this game

  8. lucy says:

    i like it

  9. leem says:

    i love it!

  10. ana says:

    this game is all right i dont really like it that much its type boring and wack