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Tattoo Bride

Tattoo Bride

The bride in the game can be seen in either of the two scenes – one where she is with the bridegroom and other where she is waiting for the love of her life. As a player of the game, you have very little to do with what the scene of the game is. Your job as a style artist appointed for the wedding is to choose the best gown, best hairstyle, best accessories and best shoes to help the bride look simply outstanding for the biggest day of her life. However, you have to be mindful of the fact that this game is a tattoo themed online game in which the bride is every excited about sporting some stylish tattoos theta perfectly match with her personality and looks befitting for the big occasion. It is simply impossible to do a good job with the looks of the bride because tattoos if not used creatively can ruin her looks. You can be relaxed though because the game allows you to perform your task again and again until you have finally given the perfect look to the lovely lady who trusts you. This tattoo themed makeover game can be played using the mouse of the computer.

9 Responses to Tattoo Bride

  1. jean says:

    i like this games.

    • Kenya says:


  2. tasmiya says:

    this game is so nice

    • Kenya says:


  3. lucy says:


    • lucy says:

      i hate this game

  4. laurel stowe says:

    love this game

  5. Kenya says:

    Hey This Game is Pretty Fun For a Loser

  6. ana says:

    i love this game its a good game always loo for tattoo games and now i found a tattoo game to play on line where ever im at

    • ana says:

      i wish i could look just like her because she is a pretty bride

  7. myonah anderson says:

    this game is pretty cool

  8. myonah anderson says:

    I know right

  9. aiduda says:

    tuyufi d9jfndu