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Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist

The use of tattoos has kept evolving since the ancient days. Earlier tattoos were used to signify some strong categorizations but now, tattoos are sported as style statements more than anything else. Using some modern technologies, tattoos have only become more vivid and appealing. You are going to play the role of a tattoo artist here in this particular online game. You can play the game as a male or as a female artist according to your liking. You have been hired to a local tattoo shop. Use the tattoo needle to outline the tattoo, and then color it. Your grade is based on accuracy, time elapsed, and amount of pain caused. You can reduce your customer’s pain by pausing frequently. You can fail by going outside of the lines for one second, having your grade go under 30% during the game, or having a grade under 60% after you have completed the tattoo. This interesting creativity based online game is all about using the mouse of the computer with absolute balance. Remember that your poor performance in the game cause unfruitful pain to the customers and you will get fired out of there. The game definitely has one of the best graphics to be found for online games.

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  1. Zoya says:

    wow i guess cool

  2. amaan says:

    cool game plzzzzzzzzzzz reply

  3. lanijah says:

    i love tattoo games

  4. asdgfxd says:

    games macam butuh

    • asdgfxd says:


  5. milly says:


  6. haamid says:

    the best game

  7. doris says:

    i hate this game i got gired

  8. kayleigh says:

    This game is hard