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Tattoo Artist 3

Tattoo Artist 3

After the success of Tattoo Artist and Tattoo Artists 2, the game developers have come up with this new edition that has more excitement in store for you with the inclusion of some refreshingly new elements. Since, this is your third week at the tattoo shop, you are expected to do a very good job while putting to use your skills and creativity. Use the tattoo needle to outline the tattoo, and then color it. Your grade is based on accuracy, time elapsed, and amount of pain caused. You can reduce your customer’s pain by pausing frequently. You can fail by going outside of the lines for one second, having your grade go under 30% during the game, or having a grade under 60% after you have completed the tattoo. You earn money for each tattoo, and get a chance to earn extra money by completing a piercing at the end of each tattoo, if you have done well enough. Click the piercing target when the pressure meter is full to succeed. After each tattoo, you have a chance to buy upgrades at the Tattoo Artist Shop. Some upgrades are permanent and others are not. Choose your difficulty level and start playing the game. Use the mouse to play the game. Remember that this is not a very easy game to master and hence you need to stay focussed for excellent job.

7 Responses to Tattoo Artist 3

  1. tefik says:

    i love game tatto artist

  2. laiba fayaz says:

    this game is pathetic kutta kamena

    • HECTOR says:


    • Grahm Low says:

      Epic but hard

    • Grahm Low says:

      hey Laiba Fayaz I agree

  3. Tanya Elma Gonzales says:

    i love this game it is soo cool

  4. Laiba Asif says:

    nice game

  5. sierra says:

    i haaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee this game.

  6. dsfftt says:


  7. Grahm Low says:

    changed my mind horrible this is addicting though