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Inked Up Tattoo Shop

Inked Up Tattoo Shop

Your love for tattoos has brought you here to play this game. In this game, you will be seen running a tattoo parlor where different customers with different likings come. You cannot expect that everyday will be an easy day. The customers who come to your shop do not exactly know what they want inked on their body. However, they have some thoughts to share with you because knowing that you are an expert, they are sure that you can come up with the best design for them. You will take part in a quiz and ultimately come up with a design that will probably match with the personality of the anticipating customer. Then comes your turn to show your skills to perfectly carry out the tattooing process. Thankfully, the game keeps offering tips that can help you play the game even if you are a novice. The attractive graphics of the game and the soothing music that plays along make the game play simply fun filled and very addictive. You might require some replays to finally go on to master the game and become the most sought after tattoo artist in town. Use the mouse of the computer to play this game.

23 Responses to Inked Up Tattoo Shop

  1. tttrr says:

    fuck you all

  2. fatimaAyub says:

    good game

  3. neha aneel says:

    i like this game very much bcz it is an amazing tatto games for everyoe maybe children can also play this game adults can also play this game .

  4. knaiah says:

    this game is alright

  5. Zoya says:

    cool game i love it

  6. Karmin says:

    i love this game

  7. emily says:

    it was bad that game

  8. hiba says:

    i love this game

  9. Karmin says:

    This Game Rocks It Totaly

    • swgaedout299 says:

      ikia like u he has a facebook named called Ikia Mcaly

  10. tanyaa says:

    play the gamee it rocks if you dont likeit

  11. shamya says:

    i love it but it hurt when u have to spray the tat

  12. hala says:

    its nice but it hearts when you color it

    • tillie says:

      do you mean hurts when you colour it

  13. sky says:

    I love thes games the foeist 1

  14. KHADIJA says:

    tttrr you should get sent off dont swear!

    who agrees

  15. alliecat says:


  16. Jasmine says:

    Awesome game!

  17. lucy says:

    i luv this game

  18. pari says:

    i like this game very much

  19. leem says:

    I love this game!

  20. emily says:


  21. Adddyson Travis says:

    it is amazing

  22. kayleigh says:

    THis game is soooo easy

  23. lovely123 says:

    love it