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Deli Creations

Deli Creations

Oscar Mayer Sandwiches are selling fast. He will need your help to keep the customers happy which by no stretch of imagination is going to be an easy job. You need to play the game for high scores. The thought bubble alongside each customer tells you what the customer’s needs. After you check out the requirement of the customer, you will have to use the ingredients and items to prepare that very item. Remember to wrap the sandwiches before serving them to the customers. Avoid making wrong items but if you do, you can dump them in the bin. On appropriate delivery of items, the customers will leave happily after placing the money on the counter. Collect the cash and keep going. In each level of the game, you will have certain targets to try and achieve. You have to be very efficient to attend to the requirement of each customer o keep the counter clear for more customers to walk in. You will be submitting your report with your name and I am sure that you want the report to read good and not some kind of negative remarks from the manager. Use the computer mouse to play this fun game that has exciting game play.

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    too bad!