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Art Of Tattoo

Art Of Tattoo

You must have played many makeover game but I must say that this game is one of the best online games of the makeover genre. I have loved playing it and I am sure you will like playing it as well. The game displays a scene where a tattoo artists is a t work on a customer who wants a tattoo on her body. However, they both need your help to get dressed up and styled to look stunning. Both the girls are very beautiful and hence it should not be a difficult task t dress and style them. Choose from the large range of clothes, hairstyles, accessories and plenty of tattoos. Since this game is a tattoo themed makeover game, I am sure you would want to pick many tattoos for both the girls. However, you should not overdo it because these pretty girls have always been style icons and you must not disappoint them with your poor choices. So start dressing and styling them and also change the background of the scene to perfectly match with the looks of the girl. This creativity based online game can be played using the mouse of the computer. Enjoy playing and replaying this game.

18 Responses to Art Of Tattoo

  1. Cierra says:

    tattoo are a greate hoby i love to design them:)

  2. Angek Emy says:

    neat game

  3. BRIANNA says:


  4. Zoya says:


  5. Karmin says:

    Boring Game

    • Amanda seaborne says:

      is not boring, is cool 😀

  6. sahmone ruff says:

    when i played this game,i thought it was going to be a real tatto game that you have diffrent types of people to work on!all im saying is that this game sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. hiba says:

    liked it

  8. noor says:

    i love these game

    • noor zak $ says:

      hi ! i am noor too and i liked this game !!!!

  9. alka says:

    why it’s so late to arrive : /

  10. amira rusmi says:

    sweet guy.isn’t that cool:) : / : %

  11. ant says:

    it is horreblew

  12. khushi says:

    you is soo, mad

  13. miley v says:

    it fun I love it

    • jkjgr says:

      ha ha love it

  14. Jasmine says:

    It sucks!

  15. andrea says:

    hi i love this game

  16. lucy says:

    i love this game

  17. leem says:

    wow i love this game

  18. leem says: